About HDL Diagnostics

HDL Diagnostic is a center where one can diagnose theirself very easily.We always focus over facilitating high quality dignostic services with more Accurate and Error free Reports to the patients. It offers career opportunities across a wide spectrum of disciplines like management, pathologists, doctors, Customer Care, HR, IT. The Company believes in recruiting the best talent and providing them all the necessary mentoring and shaping them to become world-class professionals in the healthcare domain. Our working team-Management,Pathologists,Doctors,HR,IT, Customer Care and other supporting Staff are very disciplined and experienced. We recruit the best professionals in healthcare sector. For them also HDL is a very good opportunity for shaping their carrer. For patients convenient we also provide Home Collection Sample and Report Available over patient’s Mobile Phone /Email ID for various Testes along with 25 Preventive Healthpackges and Full Body Checkup in lowest cost for our clients.

Our Lab is Equipped with follows Equipments:

  • Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyses
  • Elecctrolyte Analyser
  • ESR Analyser
  • Clinical Chmistry Analyser
  • Fully Automated Hematology Analyser


While finalalizing enhancement plans we always focused over functionality,time effective ability and clients opinion/response. We have proposed a fully usefull webpage to people, which is very easy and dymanic in use. Also having multitudinous functions within. Our Labcenter has separated our Research & Development estimate per year. Also for each product updation.


We always has been a policy that for continuous development of functionalities which can help in time and quality effective for our clients. We introduce new functional enhancements for updation and maintenance as required in Lab. Focusing over enhancement and development help us being more passionate and effectual as a firm. Also makes us flexible for providing better services of maintenance and new updadtions to our clients regularly.


We dependent on a proverb says that Customer Priority is a Key for Success. Our Supporting team provides easy, fast and comprehensive revert to each and every client even in complex situations. We have qualified users of the system also, our technical team is ready to resolve queries through emails , whatsapp or telephone.
We respect our user’s feedback, it is very crucial & helps alot in continuous progress and implementing new features.